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Silent Footsteps – Joy

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.19.04 amI am always alert, always watching

I wait to begin my journey.

resting silently on the undergrowth

of which is coloured green and ferny.

now that the waiting is over

I am ready for a change.

I stumble my fist steps in silence

climbing down the mounted range.

but silently, always silent.

soft footsteps follow my lead,

and there’s a trail behind me

visible within the reed.

this blackened forest,

which once was home,

is now nothing but silence

But i survived on my own

my only companion is the silence left behind.

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  1. i like it joy! very inspiring :}

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Letter to my twenty-one-year-old self.

Dear my 21 year old future self,

I want to know a few answers. There is going to be 10.

Question 1. Do I still like unicorns with mustaches?
Question 2. Am I engaged, dating or married?
Question 3. Do I still have Coulrophobia (means fear of clowns)?
Question 4. Do I still hate Josh, Jack and Jarrard (who I met at the Eltham hotel)
Question 5. Do I still have all my teddy’s (Zoe, Mr. Orangatangi)?
Question 6. Is my favourite colour still purple?
Question 7. Do I still LOVE sharks?
Question 8. Do I have 2 pugs?
Question 9. Have I read 40,000 books yet?
Question 10. Am I an Actor or a Lawyer?

All the best for the future,

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Sarina’s Sassy Space of Stories.

Letter to my twenty-one-old self.

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Allira’s Alcove

Sea Creatures


Colourful fish swimming through the clear, blue water,

Diving in and out of all of the beautiful coral and seaweed

Dolphins splashing around on top of the water,

Their blue skin shining in the summer sunlight

Turtles gliding gracefully through the depths of the sea,

Their big shells keeping them safe from danger

Whales – big and heavy streaming through the water,

in search for little fish to eat

Sea horses bobbing up and down,

their tails curling in and out

There are so many sea creatures in the ocean.

They are beautiful animals and we should keep them all safe.


My Dad is at War.


My dad is at war

He has been there for 8 months

When will I see him?

My dad is at war

I need him to come home now

When will he come home?

My dad is at war

I don’t think he will come home

I think he is gone.

My dad is at war

I will not see him again

Goodbye forever.


My Puppy


I have a little puppy

His name is Ben

He loves to play

With my Barbie and Ken

He chews his bone

And nibbles my toes

He eats my socks

And bites my nose

I love my puppy

He sleeps in my bed

But it’s really sad

Because he is dead



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Soap Box

Animals Should Not Be Kept In Cages – Annabelle F.

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Dear 20-year-old self – Rupert.

Dear 20-year-old Self,

I hope life is great over there on the other side. What job do you have? Oh wait, you cant answer that. Stupid me. Actually I hope you’re smart, unlike me. Hopefully you have a well paid job; otherwise that would be sad. Where do you live? Do you live in a mansion? An apartment? Or on the streets? Do you have any pets or any animals? Oh, and do you have a wife or fiancé? Or a girlfriend? Is that too far? I hope not. Anyway that is all for now, I will have more questions for you soon

Lots of love,

12 year old self.

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Hostage – by Rupert

Day 1


I appear to be in this underground ‘house’, at least that’s what I’m calling it. It’s made of timber and glass. I’m looking through the glass; yup, definitely underground.  I hear people talking, I wonder if I should hide, I will. I sprint into what seems a   bedroom and hide in the closet. I don’t know if I should keep writing; they might take my diary. Better safe than sorry.


Day 2


The footsteps press on the squeaky floorboards. I begin to think into how I got here and where I actually am. I can hear snippets of their conversation; “I swear…somewhere here…definitely….” They must be talking about me. Wow this spot is really uncomfortable; but I shouldn’t move they might hear me. They’ve gone now so I am going to finish writing, see you soon.


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The Fox and the Hound: In the perspective of Copper – by April.

Today I got adopted.

My new master’s name was Amos Smear, he was a bit weird but I still liked him, after all I would be spending the rest of my life with him.

Amos had another dog as well, called Chief. He was a bit old and grumpy and at first he didn’t really like me, but I snuggled up to him and I think he started to.

The next day I went out to the woods to explore my new surroundings. I looked at birds, trees and big sticks. After a while I came across a big log. I climbed in it to take a sniff but when I got out I met a strange face. It was a fox! He called himself Tod. Tod had an owner called Widow Tweed. Widow had a farm right next to Amos’s. I liked Tod. Tod and I played together all day! We even went to the river! When it got dark I said goodbye to Tod and went home.

When I got back I saw Amos and Chief waiting for me at the house. Amos got mad and tied chief and I up. Chief got mad at me. I was sad.

After a week Tod came to visit me but I told him to go away or else Chief would chase him, luckily he was asleep.

As the weeks went by it started to get cold, so I snuggled up to Chief.

One day Amos told us it was time to go. I asked chief where we were going but all he said was that we wouldn’t be back for a long time.

On the way there Chief got to sit in the front seat with Amos. I sat in the back. It was boring!

When we got there Amos grabbed his gun and walked off. Chief and I followed. We ventured deep into the woods, sniffing things out with our noses.

Years past and I grew big and strong! One day we packed up and went home. I sat in the front seat this time! Amos and I sang songs all the way home! I think Chief liked it because he put his paws over his ears to memorize the tune in his head.

The next day Tod came to visit me. I told him to go away as Chief would chase him but it was too late. I tried to distract Chief but he was too good of a sniffer dog. Chief chased Tod all the way to a train track. I watched in horror as a train roared by. Tod ducked but Chief was forced right off the bridge! I rushed down to help Chief and found him in a puddle, asleep. I rushed him back to Amos and he took him in.

The next couple of nights Chief slept with Amos. Lucky Chief!

The next morning Amos came out with a sad look on his face. I tried to find Chief to ask what he was sad about but I couldn’t find him. Maybe he had just gone hunting, I thought, but he never came back.

One day when Amos and I were out hunting Tod came to talk to me, but I chased him away, right into a bear. Amos tried to shoot the bear but got caught in a fox trap. I bravely fought to save him but fell. Suddenly Tod pounced on the bear! He lured him right to a log, which snapped and they plummeted down to the water. I rushed to help but instead Amos pointed his gun at him. I wouldn’t let him.

We took Tod home and Widow patched Amos up and I up and gave Tod some milk.

These days I don’t see Tod anymore, but I always know he’s there because every night I here a faint howl coming from deep in the forest, from a fox, from Tod, from my friend.

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Goodbye – by Joy.

I know I’ll miss you

but you won’t miss me.

but I’m not perfect

and gods only mistake was me

I’m that twisted branch

in our family tree

the biggest disappointment

of the family

the only place that has room

for me now

is an afterlife

named hell

And so from this cliff I jump

I take my last breath and sigh

I’ll never be a someone to you


(PS I like pickles in my burgers)

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To my future Buddy…by Lucy F.

Dear 25 year-old Lucy, how are you going? Just warning you, I’m about to ask you a lot of questions, so be prepared…

Did you finally managed to land a boyfriend?

Or accomplish a published book?

Are you finally BFF’s with Beyonce?

Or at least Cara Delevingne?

I wonder if you have your own vintage two-storey attached house, or if you have a Chow Chow dog named Munchkin…

There are tons of questions I could ask you, better I’ll leave you with that. I’m sorry if I have now depressed you if you basically said no to all of my questions. Love ya!

From Lucy.

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