This is once again a poem without a proper name

You’ve proved to me

Quite obviously

That you deserve another one of these


I’ll show to you with shine and glimmer

That this is something worth reading at dinner

The path to enlightenment is filled with bumps

But I’ll show you that they’re very simple jumps


Let’s journey together, on this magical ride

Let’s unite as one, and ride this tide

This may seem out of place for a poem with no name

I’ll get to that later: but first let’s play a game


Close your eyes slowly and count to three

Wash away your worries: stay as still as a tree

Now open your eyes, as slowly as you wish

The meaning of this name will be told with a swish!


This poem has no name because I didn’t have one

I left it as it is because I thought it would be more fun

But it only put people in a long state of stun


If you like this poem’s name, then good for you

Someone may like it as much as you do

Or I guess I should say ‘lack of name’: that works too


I must leave and go to a place other than here

But don’t worry, there’s a tale: did you hear?

There exists a poem: one like this

But for that one: I’m quite a bit remiss




This is a poem with no name

Can a poem with no name still have some fame?

I don’t think it can, instead it has shame


But suddenly I realised: it had a name somehow!

It seemed before that it could not be found

“A Poem With No Name” is the name that is bound


Then I had a question: what is this poem?

I don’t really know the types: maybe I should know ’em


A mystical poem: sounds good to me

Don’t worry ’bout copyright: names are fully free!


Maybe I should stop now: this is getting long

I don’t want it to ring out: it would be like a gong

It would be an echo, drifting into space

Going out and out, leaving a faint trace


Actually, I won’t stop. I refuse to give up

I’d leave people hanging: they’d be begging like pups

This is fun, anyway. Making new words

Bending them and bending them until they look like birds


Looking at these words together is very inspiring

But writing them all like this is very, very tiring

That can’t stop me, however: I’ll keep moving on

I’ll always be sparked up: just like an ion


Even though this task is daunting

Other people will be taunting

If I stop, they’ll target me

That’s how it is: put simply


I think that’s enough: my job here is done

I’ve come out victorious: I really have won

My reward: gratitude, from all you people

Don’t you worry: there might be a sequel

This is the reason I type these words

You heal my wounds, like medical herbs

I thank your support: you are amazing

This is why you get this praising


This is the end: did you enjoy this well?

More may come: only time will tell

And if you were wondering about the name

It will stay exactly the same

“A Poem With No Name” is still a name

A inspiring piece is what it became.