Sea Creatures


Colourful fish swimming through the clear, blue water,

Diving in and out of all of the beautiful coral and seaweed

Dolphins splashing around on top of the water,

Their blue skin shining in the summer sunlight

Turtles gliding gracefully through the depths of the sea,

Their big shells keeping them safe from danger

Whales – big and heavy streaming through the water,

in search for little fish to eat

Sea horses bobbing up and down,

their tails curling in and out

There are so many sea creatures in the ocean.

They are beautiful animals and we should keep them all safe.


My Dad is at War.


My dad is at war

He has been there for 8 months

When will I see him?

My dad is at war

I need him to come home now

When will he come home?

My dad is at war

I don’t think he will come home

I think he is gone.

My dad is at war

I will not see him again

Goodbye forever.


My Puppy


I have a little puppy

His name is Ben

He loves to play

With my Barbie and Ken

He chews his bone

And nibbles my toes

He eats my socks

And bites my nose

I love my puppy

He sleeps in my bed

But it’s really sad

Because he is dead