Lavender a beautiful plant,

Mauve, a colour,

Lilac, a fancy way of saying purple,

Plum, a delicious fruit,

Periwinkle, a small pixie,

Magenta, a reddish-purple,

pomegranate, a sour berry

Amethyst, a shining stone,


I think I need a new name.



largeThe chopsticks tapped as I picked up my first element of the cuisine. My mouth bubbled as it touched the top of my lips and travelled into my mouth. As I started to chew I heard the thick seaweed crackling with the soft delicate pad of rice that melted inside my jaws. I could taste the flavour of the juicy tuna meat and fluffy avocado as I gobbled down my delicious treat. Next I took a bite of my second component, which was almost impossible to do as my mouth was already pouring with saliva. The savour of the fluffy dumpling and succulent fish was almost unbearably exquisite. The last on my plate of goodies was my favourite of all. A ball of bean curd with soya milk rapped in egg and then coated in honey. I tried to make it last, but it was already gone in a matter of seconds.


I woke up, still bewildered at what I had just devoured the night before, when I smelt a delicious smell, a wondrous smell, the best smell in the world, ice cream! So I ran as fast as I could down the stairs so I could enjoy this treat. Half an hour later I got to the bottom of the stairs, but when I got there I didn’t see any ice cream. What sort of monster would trick a sweet innocent cat into running all the way down the stairs for ice cream, to then find there was no ice cream! I thought. Then, out of the blue, I saw it, the ice cream. It was sitting outside, on a table, surrounded by my family. I was shocked that my precious family would do such a thing but to steal my one true love, so I attacked! I rushed outside to the table, the sun blaring on my back. How would I ever get that ice cream, I wondered, wiping sweat of my fur. Suddenly I had an idea! I rushed inside then, going up the stairs. I returned an hour later, holding my pizza umbrella that I got last year for my birthday. Now I would be safe from the sun, I thought, but I was wrong. I started on my journey to the table, wiping sweat off my fur every ten minutes, when suddenly I felt a drop of liquid fall on my head. Was it really raining? I wondered, but then I realized it wasn’t water, it was pizza dough!


I couldn’t believe it; my pizza umbrella was melting! I quickly rushed back inside, my pizza umbrella soaking into my fur. When I realized this, the door was locked! What was I ever to do? I was stuck outside in the torpidity, with soggy pizza fur. Then I realized something, I could still get the ice-cream and be back in time for dinner! So I rushed to the table as fast as I could, not caring how hot it was, until I finally reached it! The ice-cream!

Firstly, I scooped out some chocolate. The sweet cocoa melted in my mouth, leaving a mouth-watering flavour that I loved very much. Next I served myself a delicious scoop of strawberry, the pink ‘gloop’ liquefying in my ‘food box’. Lastly I took some vanilla. It may not be as interesting as you think but, man, is it tasty.

Now it is dinnertime. YAY! I wonder what we are having? I’ll go see. I walk up to the table, where the aroma is coming from. I jump up and there sitting I see our dinner……….pizza.