Today I got adopted.

My new master’s name was Amos Smear, he was a bit weird but I still liked him, after all I would be spending the rest of my life with him.

Amos had another dog as well, called Chief. He was a bit old and grumpy and at first he didn’t really like me, but I snuggled up to him and I think he started to.

The next day I went out to the woods to explore my new surroundings. I looked at birds, trees and big sticks. After a while I came across a big log. I climbed in it to take a sniff but when I got out I met a strange face. It was a fox! He called himself Tod. Tod had an owner called Widow Tweed. Widow had a farm right next to Amos’s. I liked Tod. Tod and I played together all day! We even went to the river! When it got dark I said goodbye to Tod and went home.

When I got back I saw Amos and Chief waiting for me at the house. Amos got mad and tied chief and I up. Chief got mad at me. I was sad.

After a week Tod came to visit me but I told him to go away or else Chief would chase him, luckily he was asleep.

As the weeks went by it started to get cold, so I snuggled up to Chief.

One day Amos told us it was time to go. I asked chief where we were going but all he said was that we wouldn’t be back for a long time.

On the way there Chief got to sit in the front seat with Amos. I sat in the back. It was boring!

When we got there Amos grabbed his gun and walked off. Chief and I followed. We ventured deep into the woods, sniffing things out with our noses.

Years past and I grew big and strong! One day we packed up and went home. I sat in the front seat this time! Amos and I sang songs all the way home! I think Chief liked it because he put his paws over his ears to memorize the tune in his head.

The next day Tod came to visit me. I told him to go away as Chief would chase him but it was too late. I tried to distract Chief but he was too good of a sniffer dog. Chief chased Tod all the way to a train track. I watched in horror as a train roared by. Tod ducked but Chief was forced right off the bridge! I rushed down to help Chief and found him in a puddle, asleep. I rushed him back to Amos and he took him in.

The next couple of nights Chief slept with Amos. Lucky Chief!

The next morning Amos came out with a sad look on his face. I tried to find Chief to ask what he was sad about but I couldn’t find him. Maybe he had just gone hunting, I thought, but he never came back.

One day when Amos and I were out hunting Tod came to talk to me, but I chased him away, right into a bear. Amos tried to shoot the bear but got caught in a fox trap. I bravely fought to save him but fell. Suddenly Tod pounced on the bear! He lured him right to a log, which snapped and they plummeted down to the water. I rushed to help but instead Amos pointed his gun at him. I wouldn’t let him.

We took Tod home and Widow patched Amos up and I up and gave Tod some milk.

These days I don’t see Tod anymore, but I always know he’s there because every night I here a faint howl coming from deep in the forest, from a fox, from Tod, from my friend.