Students at Eltham North Primary discuss the books they like to read:


Students at ENPS want clever books, funny books, action stories that “seem real” and”keep you on the edge of your seat books.”


They want books that makes them feel “I am there in that person’s place,” books that make you see “the world through someone’s else’s eyes; books that take you to a place outsideyourself.  


What do students at ENPS look for in a book? What else but good books that make the reading journey worthwhile.   

  •  I like to read adventurous but not really scary stories like Harry Potter.I like these stories because when it’s adventurous I feel like I am there in that person’s place. I like scary movies because they show a little fantasy sometimes and they show things that could happen. I also like stories that are based on true stories because they say things that are true and fantastic achievements. G.


  • When I look in the library I look for funny books. I also like authors Andy Griffiths and Paul Jennings. Their books are really funny. I like the Just series by Andy Griffiths. I also like books which have characters my own age so I can relate to them so I know how they feel.

    I like other books as well like history and non-fiction because I like to learn about the past and the world or like different countries and their traditions.

     There are lots of books I like as well like action but my favourite is funny books because they enjoyable and funny. My favourite authors are Andy Griffiths and Paul Jennings because they are both very talented authors. M.


  • If I had a million dollars to write a funny book I would write one like Andy Griffith’s Just books. I love these books. I want to get the new Just Shocking book. I have read the Bad Book too by Andy Griffiths. He’s my favourite author.

     It I had a million dollars to write a book I would like to write an “I Spy” book or Where’s Wally? Where’s Wally? is my second favourite book. My brother loves them, too.  J.


  • I like to read books that have a bit of adventure, discovery and struggles that are overcome. Right now I like to read the heartland series. The heartland series is about two sisters who have lost their mother in a car crash. They are left to run a shelter for abused horses called heartland. I like these books because although there are struggles and bad situations they are always solved or fixed. The stories also have horses and I like horses. Charlotte
  • I like books that have a mystery, that are scary and are sometimes sad. Sometimes I like real life and sometimes I like fantasy like Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events. I like authors like Paul Jennings and Andy Griffiths. 

    I like real books about people in other countries that are telling the story but I like fantasy books because they have adventure and action.

    I like books that are interesting and don’t get boring. I also like to read books that are in a series so I can keep reading a book I like.  J.


  • I look for footy book such as Specky Magee because I love foot and when I read the first book I really enjoyed it. I also look immigration stories because they are normally based on a real story. I like to see how people live in the middle of war and survive. I enjoy looking for books about the world because I would love to travel the world and see all the landmarks. J.
  • I love fiction books like Specky Magee because you never know what will happen. Example, Specky takes a mark in the local gae and misses the goal to win the game. I really like how sometimes they put in random things. Olly.


  • I like adventure stories like “I spy,” “Where’s Wally,”  and fantasy chronicles , fairy tales, funny books and non fiction books because they are interesting and cool. I reckon they are amusing. They are cool books to look at because you out find things. C.