The wind whisked as a piercing shriek came from the vermillion village that was soon to be forgotten in the rising of the yellow Angels.  It was then that Joon realized that it was all gone; all she ever cared abut lost in the flames and the darkness of the light.

Dusk was approaching. Silver shapes were forming in the sky into brilliant masterpieces, but Joon – all alone – had other things on her mind.  She walked into the forest of blackened trees. Her heart pounded at the thought of the burning flames reaching her body, making it quiver, then flounder to the ground in a lifeless sway. Joon was grateful for her survival against the burning death eater but was full of sorrow that her mother, father and brother took their lives and courageously fought to keep her alive yet, in doing so, never saw the light of day again.

Joon heard a loud yowl from above her head. She didn’t like loud noises so, instead of reacting in an orderly manner, she screamed and ran out of the forest. When she had finally reached her destination she looked around. “I don’t think I’m in Hongcan village anymore,” she murmured, her head tucked deep into her mauve jacket. Then, peeking out of the plush inside that kept her warm, she spotted a little bird. Joon was very fond of animals and decided to follow it. The bird journeyed past buildings, trees, and strange monsters that made loud noises and carried people in it. Finally the bird flew into a willow tree in the park. Many people gathered around and glared at its glorious leaves and features. Joon wondered if you had to pay money to see its beauty and if you did, would she have enough?

Joon slept in the park that night since she had no other place to rest. She looked over at the willow tree. She found out it was free to see the tree and that many people were just looking at its rent bark and dampened leaves. Suddenly, her hunger seemed a huge grey monster that came out of her belly and caused her to shake her head ever so violently. She hadn’t eaten since the daisies grew in her town and the grass swayed from side to side with the brisk wind trying to push it to the far east-west. Suddenly she had an idea; she could sell cupcakes here at the willow tree with the benefit of eating delicious cupcakes here everyday as well as making money. Many people travelled near and far to see the willow tree’s glory and in the process they might just want a snack.

Over the next couple of moons, Joon collected things to build her stand with. She found sticks, logs, branches; she even found some pieces of wood she could use. Once she had built her stand she started on her journey to find cupcakes. Luckily before the death eater hit her hut back home she had grabbed some emergency money just in case. She had 43 Yuan. Joon headed off to where the food was gathered and where she could spend her Yuan on things she needed for her cupcake stand. That included recipes, ingredients, frosting and decorations. When she had finished her basket was so full it was almost impossible to carry. Luckily, a little old lady in a silk dress helped her.

When she got back to her stand she started baking right away. She made apple flavour, vanilla garlic flavour and her mama’s famous five-spice pineapple carrot flavor cup cakes. By the time she was finished it was noon and many people were gathered around the tree. Joon thought to herself that she could start selling right away and not wait till tomorrow so she yelled: “Cupcakes, cupcake get your piping hot cupcakes!” Almost immediately, a little boy and girl ran over to the stand. “Hello,” Joon said, and she beamed ready for action. But the little boy and girl didn’t reply with a happy cheerful expression as she expected and instead with an order. Joon gave them their cupcakes and they headed off. Joon then realised it was going to take a lot more that a cheerful personality and a spark of hope to run a business.