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I am an Australian soldier

I hear the blast of guns

I feel the gravel next to me

I smell the blood of the dead

I am an Australian soldier

I see my mate’s dead body

I cry for my wife an children

I wonder if I will ever see them again

I am an Australian soldier

I think about them

I want to go home

But with all the thoughts rushing through my head

I forgot to notice I was dead!

By Phoenix


The Dreaded Fate ~ by Joy.


The first step of a long march.

Is our fate worth the war?

The dread, to pull the trigger.

The dread to take one step more.


Closer to the battlefield,

And closer to hell.

This is the dreaded fate.

This is how we fell.


Nameless heroes ~ by Joy.


I’ve only ever been once, to the cemetery.

once was quite enough.

for one grave gave me deep sorrow.

it read:


unidentified solider, one who fought brave and tough….


Poppies showed their respect.

nameless heroes  who served our home.

… Shall not be forgotten.

thank you for your service…. 



World War 1 by Bianca


I am in World War 1

I wonder will I survive

I hear gunshots getting fired

I see people dying right in front of me

I want to know ‘Will it ever end?’

I am in World War 1

I pretend that I will see my family again

I feel a bullet hit my leg

I touch all the blood ousting out of my leg

I worry if I will survive

I cry: I might die not see my family again

I am in World War 1

I understand that I might die

I say to myself: “I love you family”

I dream that I will survive

I try to stop crying but I just can’t

I hope I will see my family again

I am in World War 1


Geoffrey Treacher Grant


Geoffrey Treacher Grant was a brave young soldier of World War 1 who died doing something he thought was honourable: protecting the Australian land for king and country.


He was born in 1896 in Napier, New Zealand, and soon after that, he moved to Eltham, Victoria, where he lived with his parents. While he was there, he went to Williamstown State School and also attended the Church of England for religious purposes. After finishing school, he became a clerk and served in Cadets until the 23rd of December 1914. On this date, at the age of 19, he was enlisted as a 5th Reinforcement Private of the 8th Light Horse Regiment. His unit embarked from Melbourne, Victoria, on board HMAT A56 Palermo on the 7th of May 1915, headed for Gallipoli, Turkey. Sadly, only 3 months afterwards, on the 7th of August, Geoffrey was killed in action on the shores of Gallipoli.


Geoffrey is buried in an unmarked grave, and his death has been commemorated on the Lone Pine Memorial, with his name and rank being one of 3,268 Australians and 456 New Zealanders who were all killed in the battles at Gallipoli. As well as the men and women who are buried mainly in unmarked graves, the memorial also commemorates the 960 Australians and 252 New Zealanders who were buried at sea.


The battles at Gallipoli were a defining moment in Australia’s history because it taught Australians that we should be our own country and fight for ourselves.


Aidan D.




I am young and brave.

I wonder what we will see over the hill.

I hear gunfire.

I see other soldiers just like me.

I want to honour our king.

I am young and brave.

I pretend the men we have lost are still with us.

I feel the weight of our mission.

I touch the metal of my gun.

I worry I will fail this mission.

I cry for my parents I have left behind.

I am young and brave.

I understand that death will occur.

I say our king deserves this army.

I dream of the honour upon our return.

I try to think how my parents must feel.

I hope we can return victorious.

I am young and brave.


Aidan D.



I am in World War 1

I wonder how long it will take until I die

I hear the sound of guns

I see blood everywhere

I want to get home soon

I am in World War 1

I pretend that I can’t see the burning sun

I feel my itchy uniform against my skin

I touch the bodies next to me

I worry that I won’t make it back

I cry when I see another of my friends fall

I am in World War 1

I understand that it has to last

I say I’m okay, when I’m not

I dream I am home

Home with my family

I try to have fun

I hope I will be home soon

I am in World War 1


By Jade, Grade Five