Dear Aidan D of the future,

I hope in ten years, I can aspire to many goals.

The first… a career! I don’t know what exactly I want to be, but I’m deciding between three: Game Programmer, Engineer or Writer. I’ve always wanted to be a programmer, but as the time goes by, I am slowly leaning towards writing.

The second is types of topics. I don’t know what types of writing or game programming I should do. Sci-Fi? Action? Fantasy? Really, what is the advantages of these? As you may have noticed, I have many questions about my future. Hopefully, I can look back and have these all answered.

And finally, I want education. But the main question (it’s all about the questions, isn’t it?), in what? Biology, or Science? Writing, or Maths? This really is a puzzling situation. It’s also an important one, because it’s only going to come up in a few years. I better get it done quickly.

But anyway, that’s how I picture myself in ten years. Let’s see if I’m right.