Dear twenty-year-old Adair,

Hello Adair I hope you are in university right now and are studying hard.  Right now I can only picture you as a vet! Hopefully you’re as passionate as I am.

How is Bessie? Is she still fat and cuddly?

What about Mum?

Is she still running up Cheescake Hill, eating chocolate and mad about teaching One Direction maths? Is Dad still printing and working hard as ever and also cooking delicious curries? I really hope Fergus has stayed in school and is possibly taller than Dad? Is he still with Zoe, playing football and Basketball?

What about you Adair? Are you still living in Eltham? What are your dreams right now and do you have that Triple Forward Helix ear piercing you wanted?

Right now I dream about living in a town house (Brunswick street) with my best friend Ruby! Maybe we each have a dog, one pugalier and one schnauzer. Maybe you have a different idea of what the future will hold. Did Dad finally give into Mum and got another schnauzer named Louis.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I just hope that you are happy and not too stressed. I hope Mum and Dad are proud of you but most importantly that you are proud of yourself. Even though we may have different aspirations I hope your life is all you dreamed of.


xoxo Adair MacDonald 1/5/14 12:04pm age 11