Home – by Joy.


I have two nationalities.

Australian and Dutch

When I was small,

This confused me very much

Back then I thought

that Australia was the whole world,

and the Netherlands was another state.

So when I first went to Holland,

all my questions began to unfurl.

It just doesn’t make sense

Where do I truly belong?

I have family here and there

These questions were unanswered for not-so-very long.

But when we landed in Australia,

I thought, where is my true home?

Is it here? Is it there?

Or is it between the two that I roam?

but I seem to have answered,

my question by myself.

In my opinion home is where there are those I love,

and nowhere else.

home is a place

I may leave for a period of time,

but my heart will stay loyal to,

for all of eternity

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