Do you have trouble finding friends?


It can be hard to find some especially if you’re new.


Sometimes the problem can be having difficult friends.


Or maybe even having a BFF who admires someone that is mean to you.


There are lots of ways to deal with problems like this.


But the two main strategies are the ones I’m going to talk about.


It is common for people to take the wrong way.


It is very common for people to hurt the feelings of others without meaning to.


But the right way is always the key to making new friends.


Here is a story of the wrong way.


The Wrong Way:


Casey took a deep breath. For the past two months She had been given the dirty treatment. Maggie, her long lost best friend had been ganging up with Alicia Johnson and been ignoring Casey, teasing her or making up rumors about her.


It was time to know the truth about Maggie.


The recess bell went and Casey grabbed her food. She sped out of the classroom and towards the tree where the girls hung out.

Suddenly Alicia and her friends, Tara and Alana blocked her way.


“Where do you think your going?” asked Alicia putting her hands on her hips.


“Um…” Casey looked towards the sandpit, before she could stop herself she answered back, “To the sandpit.”

Alana and Tara snickered.


Casey felt her face flushing.


“Well, have fun!” Alicia smiled a cold smile.


After they walked away Casey sighed with relief.


“Oi! Casey, come here!” Maggie called from under the tree.


Casey heart rose up. Maybe Casey wanted her back!


“What did Alicia say to you?” Maggie asked, her eyes not sparkling like they use to. Casey’s heart sank.


“Oh, nothing” mumbled Casey.


Maggie rolled her eyes.


“Um, Maggie can I talk to you for a moment?” Casey asked, feeling uncomfortable.

“What?” snapped Maggie.

“You’re mean and horrible!” blurted out Casey.

(Whoa hold it! Casey, I know she’s been mean to you, but do you have to be mean back?)

To Casey’s surprise Maggie burst out with tears.

“I’m not being mean, you are!” Maggie said between sobs.

Now you see what Casey did? She said before she thought, which could hurt Maggie’s feelings.

Even though you may feel angry with someone, it is not right to be mean back!

Now here is the right way:


Jasmine was feeling blue. Well, for the past few days she hadn’t been feeling right. A new girl had come to the school and had seemed to make everyone dislike Jasmine. Nobody wanted to play with her. Even her best friend, Iris, didn’t want to play with her. She gave her a smile sometimes, but then scurried away.

She had talked to her mum about it. (Hear that idea? That could be good if you need help!)

Mum had told her to try and reason with Holly.

Jasmine took a deep breath and walked towards Holly and her past friends.

“Oh, look who’s coming, Ms. Prissy!” sneered Indy, who actually used to be Jasmine’s second best friend.

All the girls cackled.

“Um, Holly I need to talk to you.” Jasmine nearly whispered the whole thing.

“Come on Holly let’s go!” Jasmine’s friend, Kitty called.

“No. It’s okay she can talk to me,” said Holly to Jasmine’s great surprise.

They walked over to the steps. Jasmine had never noticed how Holly’s eyes sparkled.

“So… What is it?” asked Holly uncertainly.

“I want to know why you made everyone not like me?” Jasmine blurted out.

(Now see how Jasmine didn’t call Holly mean things. She went straight to the point)

“Oh I’m so sorry. It was just everyone liked you and not me so I made up a rumor and…”

Jasmine could feel anger boiling up in her, but she pushed it down.

“You made a rumor about me?” Jasmine was holding back tears now.

“I said you told me that you were way better than them and once you become famous you’ll make up mean things about them.” Holly whispered turning her face away.

“Holly, are you okay?” Iris called running up to her. Kitty and Indy glared at Jasmine.

“Girls I need to tell you something,” Holly said patting the steps.

“What did Jasmine do to you?” Indy asked.

“Nothing. It was me who did something,” Holly told them. “You know the rumor I told you?”

“Yeah” chimed all three girls.

“I lied.” Holly confessed.

They gasped.

“I made it up because I was jealous!”

Now did you see how Jasmine made sure Holly’s feeling weren’t hurt?

Well, I hope you got something out of this.