The Bell:  Why did you decide you  wanted to be a teacher?

Mr. D: I wanted to be a teacher so I could feel like I was making a difference.  Teaching somebody something gives me a much better feeling than pushing papers across a desk all day.


The Bell: Did you enjoy school as a kid?

Mr. D:  I did.  I was lucky to have a good group of friends and caring teachers all the way through my schooling life.  Not that I found every part of school easy, but it was definitely enjoyable and something I look back on with great fondness.


The Bell: What is your favourite subject to teach?

Mr. D:  If I had to pick a favourite, I would have to say Maths.  I like it so much because there can be so many different ways to find an answer.  It is always fun to experiment with different ways of teaching in Maths and it so relevant to a lot of the things we all do every single day.


The Bell: What is your favourite food? Why?

Mr. D:  My favourite style of food is Vietnamese.  I love it because it always tastes so fresh and has such sharp flavours.


The Bell:  Do you have any hobbies?

Mr. D: I have a number of hobbies.  I love basketball and still play with friends on a Monday night.  Our team is called the Wallahucks.  I also love both music and movies.  There is nothing better than going to see one of your favourite bands live and I love how relaxing going to the movies is.  However, the thing I love to do most is spend time with my friends over the weekend.


The Bell: How old were you when you started teaching?

Mr. D:  I was 23 when I started teaching.


The Bell: Did know you wanted to teach when you were a kid?

Mr. D:  I did not know what I wanted to be when I was a kid.  I had the usual ideas of being a firefighter, policeman, stunt man and countless other things when I was little (I think it changed every single day), but it was not until I was much older that I knew teaching was what I was passionate about and wanted to do.


The Bell: Do you/did you ever look up to a superhero or a celebrity?

Mr. D:  I had my favourites when I was growing up.  My favourite basketball player was Scottie Pippen, my favourite football player was Anthony Koutafidies and my favourite singer was Mike Patton from the band Faith Nor More.  I liked Pippen because he was a great all round player (I think I wanted to be different because everyone loved Michael Jordan too), Kouta because of what he did in the 95 grand final and 99 prelim final and Mike Patton because of his unique sounding voice.


The Bell: What was your favourite subject when you were a student?

Mr. D:  I liked all subjects when I was at school, but I most enjoyed the opportunity to run around and play games during PE.  Not only was it always fun, it was great to have a break from the classroom.


The Bell: Do you have any pets?

Mr. D:  My family has dog named Buckley.  He is black and a cross between poodle and a schnauzer.


The Bell: What is your favourite sport?

Mr. D:  My favourite sports are basketball and football.  However, if it is sport I am probably going to watch it and enjoy it.


The Bell: Do you barrack for a football team?

Mr. D:  My favourite team in the AFL is the Carlton Blues and I support the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.


By Leylaan L.