133918-julia-gillardJulia Gillard was born on the 29th of September 1961 in Barry, Wales. Julia had a Father named John who was a psychiatric nurse, a Mother called Moria who worked in the Salvation Army nursing home and a sister named Allison. Being born in one of the largest coal ports in the world, Julia’s parents wanted a better, healthier life for their children, so they immigrated to Australia. Julia then grew up in Adelaide where she attended Mitcham Demonstration Primary School and went onto being educated at Unley High School. In 2012 Julia’s beloved Farther, John died.


Julia and her family migrated from Barry, Wales to Australia. At the age of four, Julia suffered from Bronchopneumonia, so living in a cold industrial port, was not the best option for her health. With Julia’s health on the line, it was a matter of trying to find a warm country that gave the family lots of opportunities and Australia ticked off all of the boxes. The family packed up their belongings and migrated from South Wales on the 7th of February 1966. Eight years later, once Julia and her family had recovered from the drastic change, they became Australian citizens.


Julia Gillard studied arts and law at the University of Adelaide where she then in 1983 was elected vice president of the Australian Union of Students. Since she was elected vice president of the AUOS, she had to move to Melbourne where she continued on studying at Melbourne University. Julia completed her law degree and began working for the industrial firm, Slater and Gordon. Other then completing her law degree, the very studious Julia Gillard, was elected president of the Carlton Branch of the Australian Labour Party. In 1990, while being president of the Carlton Branch of the Australian Labour Party, Julia was working at Slater and Gordon where she focused on employee rights after unfair dismissals. Julia then decided to switch her focus on Federal Politics while still working for the same firm. Everything was falling down the right path for the high achiever, as she became Prime Minister of Australia in 2010 to 2013. After losing the party vote for Prime Minister, Julia decided to take a break from politics and move onto education.


Being the successful lady she is, Julia Gillard has many career achievements. One of her greatest achievements is being the first woman to become Prime Minister of Australia. Through her political life, she has made many other accomplishments making Australia become the country that it is today. Some of these achievements are bringing on the carbon tax, the National Disability Scheme, cutting the tax, the National Apology and the Household Assistance package, which has lend a hand to many families around Australia.


Julia now is politically active behind the scenes meaning that her main focus is not on politics but working to help fund education. Julia was honored the title of Professor of Politics at the University of Adelaide and is looking forward into spending more time with her family. She is a brilliant trailblazer for woman and an amazing inspiration.