Dear my 21 year old future self,

I want to know a few answers. There is going to be 10.

Question 1. Do I still like unicorns with mustaches?
Question 2. Am I engaged, dating or married?
Question 3. Do I still have Coulrophobia (means fear of clowns)?
Question 4. Do I still hate Josh, Jack and Jarrard (who I met at the Eltham hotel)
Question 5. Do I still have all my teddy’s (Zoe, Mr. Orangatangi)?
Question 6. Is my favourite colour still purple?
Question 7. Do I still LOVE sharks?
Question 8. Do I have 2 pugs?
Question 9. Have I read 40,000 books yet?
Question 10. Am I an Actor or a Lawyer?

All the best for the future,