Just after sunset, a girl lay on a banana lounge on her balcony. Still as a chair she began to sing a song. The song was mysterious song and traditionally sung at night. That was when the girl preferred to sing. Only the girl knew the song’s lyrics.  She knew, oh so well, she knew.

Her mother came out from the house and stiffened, not moving a muscle. The girl became aware of her mother and stopped singing straight away. Her mother ran back into to the house frightened and worried.

“Honey,” cried the girl’s mother.

“Yes,” answered the girl in a quiet voice.

“You need to come inside right away,” said the mother.

But the girl just sat there. The girl was gifted with magic, but no one ever believed her. At night she sought revenge by singing her song. Once the song was over, one of her victims dreamed the most frightening dream of all time. She does this to torment them and to make them believe they are dead. Everyone she has ever sang the song about has never been seen again. Tonight she was singing it to her brother. He had told her that very day he hated her and wanted to move out. The girl loved her brother but sometimes she just can’t help singing her song when someone says something terribly mean to her.

Her mother always knew she was special but never knew she had intentions to do such a thing.


In the morning the girl was still on the balcony, sleeping. Had she made a mistake in her lyrics that she sang last night? Had her mistake caused this deep sleep that she could not wake from?


Or was it what her mother did when the girl had refused to come into the house? What did she do to her little daughter that stopped her from singing? Was this an eternal sleep, or one she would wake from?