A Place I call Home – by Catriona S.

I would like to go to New Zealand because that was where I was born and our family was extremely happy there. But when I was six we moved to Australia, where there are fires, snakes and spiders. Our family hated it in Australia at first.  We came the week before Black Saturday, which made the situation even worse. As a family we found Australia’s weather completely the opposite to what it is in New Zealand. Soon after that my sister took a plane back to New Zealand to live there and started university.

I miss my sister very much. Although we Skype once a week it makes life a lot harder without her around. Another reason why I would like to go to picturesque New Zealand is because of its amazing views over mountains, forests and beaches. ICE CREAM is another reason why I want to visit New Zealand. They sell delicious ice cream.

As I said it would be my dream to go back to New Zealand and visit my hometown in Auckland, but I don’t just want to go to Auckland. I want to go to Queenstown  (to go skiing) Lake Taupo, Palmerston North to visit my grandparents. Another place I would go is Hamilton, my sister’s home. New Zealand is also where a lot of famous movies were filmed, such as The Hobbit, so I would like to see the set.

That’s why it’s my dream to go to New Zealand to visit exciting places and to do amazing things like bungee jumping of the sky tower!!!


My Trip To Rosebud by Catriona S.

Early one Saturday morning, we packed our bags, medication but most importantly our dog Iris. It was the Christmas holiday and we were going to Rosebud. Unfortunately, traffic was rough because on the motorway somebody drove their caravan into a ditch, then it exploded, but not into flames though! Nearly the whole car trip I was bored. I played on my iPod until we entered Rosebud and got to the apartment. Then the excitement started.

We unpacked our bags before setting off to find a place to eat lunch. We found an Italian pizza café and had horrible pizza there. Because of that, all of us felt sick so decided to leave. Immediately after returning to the apartment we jumped into the freezing pool. Not that we knew it was freezing. Luckily we found the heater then had a nice swim in the pool. There were birds chirping and wooden dolphins leaping in and out of the spa!

It was cold and very windy on Monday. With the wind so strong, we decided to go to the Enchanted Maze Gardens. To get there we had to go up gigantic mountains and we ended up finding a lookout port, where we saw beautiful scenery, including the beach and forest.

Once we got to the Enchanted Maze Garden we went into a garden maze where you have to find Buddha statues! Next we went into a 3D monster maze that glowed in the dark. It made my white shoes light up. The monster maze featured a turning tunnel that you could walk across. I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to walk across it about ten times.
After the monster maze we went in the children’s maze that was more for toddlers. Mum and I still enjoyed looking at the gardens and statues, but the boys weren’t so fond of it. Once we left the gardens we swam in the pool. It was nice and warm this time but our dog jumped in and then as quickly as we could we fished her out. That night we had a special dinner (ham) since it was Christmas Eve!

It was Christmas! Just after midnight that Tuesday morning, William and I opened our stockings to find so many toys and chocolate stuffed deep down inside.
Soon after that we fell back to a deep sleep. Then I woke up to see even more presents and goods. It was magical! I ended up getting everything I wanted and more. After we all had breakfast and finished unwrapping all of the gifts.

Early in the day, we went for a long stroll along the beach with Iris to find a lot of dead fish, one sea urchin that we were very conscious of, and a starfish. Much to our surprise we saw hundreds of cut up jellyfish. I swerved all the way along the beach because I thought they were gross!

Sadly, Wednesday was our last day. We struggled to pack all our Christmas presents into our bags, but we got there in the end. Before we left we decided to go to the beach to take in the amazing scenery one last time. We walked along the dock to see the boats coming in and men fishing! We got into the ocean water for a swim and went out to the end of the dock to find that there were stingrays nearby! My father found an extremely, dangerous fishing line with spikes all up the side, which must have been cut off the end of a fishing line. So we put it where somebody couldn’t step on it.

Soon after that we picked some mussels off the dock’s legs. When we turned around we saw two massive crabs and many, many fish. My dad picked one up and flung it deep into the ocean. Once we got back to the ocean shore, we raced along the sand banks to dry off. When we got near the pier we started to walk slowly along the sand banks to catch our breath with the wind blowing into our faces. Once we caught our breath we raced off again, only to find ourselves off the sandbanks and standing in sinking sand! Then we had to leave picturesque Rosebud to our home in Eltham.

I’d definitely like to revisit Rosebud, but for a longer vacation. It was a good change of scenery for my family with its great sea life and nature. I would definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to go back!