The full moon lit up my dark fur making me stand out in the night. I sat on the thick tall grass and studied the creatures’ movements. As I watched the innocent gazelles’ dreaming of grass and pretty flowers, I couldn’t help wonder what they would think when they realized they would be living in a dream forever. I crept up swiftly and silently, making no sudden movements, so I would not awake the unaware creatures. I waited for minute, catching my breath, and then I attacked. I leapt into the air, landing on one of them and ripping into its flanks. There was a sudden yowl of pain and then there was silence. As I looked down at the lifeless beast I felt a pain in my stomach, like I knew something, then I remembered my father Adolfus and mother, and how they were killed in battle. I remembered the wolf who killed them without warning, just like I had done, and I remembered the howl, their last howl.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking of the wolf who killed my parents and what he had looked like. I remembered the scar on his face that went right above his eyes and his jet-black fur. I also remembered my mum and her loving hugs and parting of my mouse brown fur and my dad and his courage to stand up to anything that came in his way. He always won, excepting for that one faithful day, when the war came. I remember that night like it was only a full moon ago, but unfortunately, it was.

That night of the war was the worst night of my life! It all started when we were all snuggled up in our den. The sun was coming up and the breeze was warm and everything was so peaceful and quiet. Birds chirped, grass swayed in an innocent wind, everything was all in order until I heard a loud howl and my father rushed out of the den only to find the outbreak of a war. My parents rushed to help but were stopped by a big jet black, hungry wolf. The wolf pounced on my mother and bit her on her shoulder. Blood flowed down her fur turning it vermillion. My father, crying out with anger, pounced on the wolf and ripped into his flank, while my mother limped away in pain, leaving behind a trail of unending blood before her energy at last gave out. She collapsed and did not move again. But the strange wolf was not finished. He pounced onto Dad and pinned him to the ground. All I could remember after that was: Blood, howls and running. Now I am here, Ivaylo Howl, fending for myself and the goodness of my people so that one day I may avenge my parents, and rule this land.

The next morning I awoke to find a sunny morning. Finally, summer had come. I crawled out of my den, as it was a bit small, and went out to hunt for some food, I was starving! So I went down to the valley to look for some. I looked everywhere, but not a trace of food was to be found. Suddenly, out of the blue, I saw a dark figure lurking in the shadows, it looked like another wolf. Then like a snake the wolf like creature walked out of the shadows and there standing I saw…