Hello reader. I am the great and powerful Narrator. Now, you’ve probably come for the tale of the Robopocalypse. If you have come thinking you’ll get free pretzels, that’s not what you’re getting, okay? Anyway, before this great story starts, there’s two things I need to clarify.

1.    The Hero

The star of this story is a boy named Travis Daves. Travis is aged 12, lives in the peaceful and kind-hearted village of Wiretown and is about to have his 13th birthday. Everyone in Wiretown knows him and likes him because he is a modest and brave person who attends to almost every task given to him. His best friend, Connor Fault, is always by his side, helping Travis whenever he gets the chance. Connor, in reality, is actually quite clumsy and loves to boast of his few talents. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Travis has slick, black hair and vibrant green eyes, while Connor has brown, messy hair and gloomy grey eyes.

2.    The Villain

The villain of this tale is the diabolical, insanely crazy Oliver Le Cest, but everyone calls him Monsieur Destruction, because he really likes explosions. In the futuristic year of 3014, many people have created many brilliant inventions such as ‘Hologram Emitters’. Monsieur Destruction (or M.D, if you prefer,) is obsessed with orange. He has orange shirts, orange pants, orange jackets, even orange hair! Anyway, he wants to make a new invention that will give him fame. The way he gets that fame, however, is probably not the way you expected…


Travis woke up wearily in the morning, stepping into his clothing booth. “HELLO, TRAVIS.” The robotic voice greeted. “WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO WEAR?’” it questioned.

“Casual clothes, please,” Travis replied.

“OKAY.” The metallic arms whizzed around him, and in a matter of seconds, Travis was dressed in a yellow-striped shirt and daggy jeans. “HAVE A NICE DAY.” The voice called as he stepped out of his bedroom. As he went downstairs, he was greeted by a birthday banner. “SURPRISE!” “Happy birthday!” his mum exclaimed. Travis then felt a sudden burst of cheer.ae He forgot his birthday was today! He looked around and saw all his relatives: Mum, Dad, Grandma, even his best friend Connor was there! Everyone was there to celebrate his 13th birthday. “Travis, here’s your $20. Don’t spend it all in one place!” His mother reminded him.

“I won’t!” Travis promised her as he rushed out the door with Connor. The first thing Travis noticed was a faint whirring noise. “Connor?” Travis asked.

“Yeah?” Connor responded.

“Can you hear that whirring noise?”

“Don’t worry, that’s just Circuit High.”

“I’m not so sure.” So Travis looked left, right and behind him. Then he looked up and saw something so strange he couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing.


“Hello, everyone!” a sinister voice called. “I would like to inform you of my genius plans.” Travis and Connor stood still, their mouths hung wide open.

“Who and what is that?” Travis asked. They soon realised the mysterious object was about to crush them, and they both quickly dived away. When the object landed, they could finally see where the voice had come from.

“Firstly, my name is Oliver Le Cest, but you can call me M.D, if you prefer.” The voice spoke in a matter of fact tone.

“Let me guess,” Connor started, “M.D stands for something like Monsieur Destruction, right?”

“And why do you say that?” Oliver asked.

“Because you kinda have a French accent,” Connor explained. “How dare you!” M.D angrily said. “ Anyway, I have come to tell all of you that in a few hours, an army is coming to rule the world, so say your goodbyes, good nights and good mornings while you still can.” Oliver then hovered up in his vehicle and soared off into the distance.

“That guy has got some nerve,” Connor told Travis. Just then, Travis thought of a fantastic, brilliant and amazing idea.

“My dad’s a scientist. Maybe he could make us some weapons to stop the invasion!” Travis exclaimed.

“Are you really sure that’s going to work?” Connor answered questionably.

“It’s worth a try,” Travis persuaded him. “Come on!” he yelled.

“Okay?” Connor answered questionably. Together, they both ran to the lab as fast as they could.


As they burst through the doors of the colossal laboratory, the first thing to come out of Travis’ mouth was, “Did you guys see what just happened out there?!” Travis and Connor both knew that Travis’ dad started work about now and that he would show up at any moment. Then, almost on cue, Travis’ dad, Dave, showed up wearing a perfectly white lab coat and thick plastic goggles, holding a clean test tube in his left hand.

“Yes, Travis.” he replied in a serious tone. “We’ve done some research and now we know exactly what’s going on.” He led them to a room with monitors everywhere. There were many different people: men, women, couples, singles, almost everyone imaginable trying to crack the case.

“We’ve figured out how to track M.D, Dave,” one of them said. “Great!” Dave called happily. “I’m sure you two heard what M.D said, so I’ll get to the point. We have found M.D’s base of operations.”

“And where’s that?” Connor asked.

“I’ll show you,” Dave told him, and logged onto one of the nearby monitors. “His lair is located in an abandoned underground bunker. In there, he’s building one extreme robot. He’s saying an army because he probably thinks it sounds scarier.” Dave explained, pointing to the screen, which showed recent locational scans. “The only thing we’ve found that can destroy his technology is an Airmech,” Dave told them.

“What’s an Airmech?” Connor asked.

“An Airmech,” Dave started, “is a military unit that can transform into a ground tank, and a dogfighter plane.”

“How are we going to get one?” Travis wondered.

“Luckily, we’ve found all of the pieces in the dump.” Dave stated. “You guys can go there and get the pieces. Then we can rebuild the Airmech and stop the robot. Sound clear?”

“EWWW!” Connor gagged. “I’m not going to the dump! It’s slimy and smelly!”

“It’s the only chance we have at saving the village. Come on, we need to get to work.”


When they finally reached the dump, they instantly started looking for the pieces. After lots of searching with no results, Connor realised he had something in his pocket. He grabbed it and realised it was a metal square. He pressed a big, red button right in the middle. Almost simultaneously, the square turned into a pair of binoculars. “Cool!” Connor exclaimed as he put them on. “What?” Travis asked.

“I found some binoculars,” he replied. As Connor looked around, he saw three red dots glowing on the screen. He ran to the nearest one and, as Connor got closer, he realised it was an Airmech part! “Travis, look at what I found with these binoculars!” he called. Travis came over and realised the same thing.

“But how are we going to get that out of here?” Travis told Connor. “It’s massive!”

“Wait, what does this button do?” Connor asked himself as he pushed the button. The binoculars jumped away from his face and they converted into a circle with wheels. With a set of robotic arms, it picked up the part, placed it on a blue pad on top of the circle, and in an extremely small amount of time, it vanished. It drove off in a blur and took both the other pieces. It came back to Travis and Connor, picked them up, and before they knew it, they were back in the lab.

“What in the name of science just happened?” Dave called.

“No idea,” they both replied in unison.

“Look at it go!” Dave yelled as he pointed to the robot. Everybody stopped and stood in awe and wonder as the robot rebuilt the Airmech right before their eyes.

“Well, that’s convenient,” Connor stated. When it was done, the robot turned back into a square, laying idly on the floor. Furthermore, as if everything was happening at once, the ground shook with mighty force. Although as quickly as it started, it ended.

“Is everyone okay?!” Dave shouted. Everyone was fine, but the impact was massive. Everyone was shocked, and the impact made some of the computers lose power. “It must be M.D. Quick, get in the Airmech.” Dave demanded. “Airmech, code 4852. Co-ordinates: x:847 y:428 z:3. Start activation.” The Airmech gave an intimidating growl and picked up Travis and Connor.  They were in the cockpit, with glowing button scattered everywhere. They looked at each other and knew that this was the final battle.


“The time has come!” M.D called. “To meet your doom! Wait, what’s this?” M.D asked, confused at what he saw in front of him. “A challenger approaches?”

“Give it up, M.D!” Travis called. “You can’t stop us!”

“Fine then… bring it on!” As the battle started, Travis saw what looked like a control booth. Instantly, he stepped in and saw a screen pop up in front of him. It looked like the front of the Airmech. Then he realised he was controlling the Airmech! He got the hang of moving around and dodging missiles was a cinch. After a while, a robotic voice told him,


“What?” Travis said questionably. Travis did exactly that, and M.D’s robot leg was sliced off.

“Nooooooo-”  M.D screamed, but it was ended by a flurry of sparks. The Airmech stated,

“Objective complete. Shutting down. Teleporters activating.” Connor and Travis were both suddenly on the ground. All around them, everybody was cheering for them, throwing roses and gifts at them, like sacrifices to a god. Suddenly, out of the crowd, Travis’ parents emerged, soon followed by Connor’s. The parents started hugging Travis and Connor lovingly, like a flock of birds in a nest. Then, out of nowhere, Dave asked,

“Do you guys want to be my assistants?” Without even thinking, they both smiled and eagerly said,

“Of course!”

“Okay, then. I have a very important assignment for you guys.” Dave explained. “There’s no time to waste.”