Rupert F is a 12-year-old member of the E.N.P.S Bell team. He loves writing and fancies the genres of Persuasive and Creative writing. He loves contributing to the team and always brings up a topic or idea in meetings.



Emotions are difficult, especially in people

They are hard to understand sometimes

because they mostly aren’t peaceful.

But what are emotions? Are they a feeling

that you have inside; or something you

can see, just in sight. Are they a

thing that is living and breathing or is

it something that can’t be seen nor heard.

I know there is many, although not enough

choosing your own however may be tough.

To be honest emotions are really simple

this is because they are extremely mental.

You can only see them if you look deep inside

except they aren’t visible by the human eye.

This is the end, this is all, all you need to know about


The Boy by the Water by Rupert