Frogs by Ruby K

From lily pad to lily pad they jump

With each lily pad they make a thump

Day after day, they jump to one another

Trying to find their long lost mother

Searching after searching they look

It took them a while, oh awhile it took

Poor little things, why oh why

How could they get so caught up

with a lie


Frogs By Josh H.Some think of them as slimy green mutants

but they are really much more

they jump from lily pad to lily pad

they keep the environment safe

but people don’t care

people destroy their homes

just for the sake of it

Frogs are endangered

being wiped out from the earth

just to help humans with their selfish needs

It needs to stop

they need to be saved

Their homes, their babies

they all need to be saved


FROG PANCAKEFrogs stuck on the road

cars zooming past at top speed


No frogs there anymore.


  Frog  poem By Sienna D.I am…

I am worried and sad

I wonder what the future holds

I see myself running

I want to find the source of the sound

I am worried and sad

I pretend I am zooming through time

I feel reeds between my fingers

I touch a skin of slime

I worry that it won’t survive

I cry when it goes away

I am worried and sad

I understand

that nothing last forever

I say that they can make it

I dream of them dying

I try not to think about them

I hope their kind lasts forever

I am worried and sad