I HAD A UNICORN by Jade. Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.50.35 am

once i had a unicorn

his name was Bob

and Bob liked to wear his uniforn

as if he had a job

he went to the shop

that had a mop

and Bob slid and slid all day long!



Dark Cloud – by Jin.

I just sat there with a storm floating above my head,

So alone in the crowded room,

For that moment nothing in the world could mend my broken heart,

I rose to my feet and ever so slowly grabbed the broom,

The only thing, even without a soul, that could understand me,

I didn’t care about anything at all,

Without thinking, I Ieaped and and closed my eyes,

And my old friend, the dusty broom, was the last thing I saw.


The Tasmanian Tiger

By Phoenix


I am nice not mean

I am a sight to be seen

I maybe extinct

But my soul lives in you

I am the Tasmanian Tiger


I gotta Pie

by Orlando


I gotta pie

A big fat golden pie

It’s my pie, not your pie

It’s my own little pie

I’m gonna eat my pie

And drink my pie

But first I’m gonna…take a picture

Oh yeah boooooyyyyy

It’s my pie

Not your pie

I’m gonna eat it for breakfast!!!!










I am a small and cute whale.
I wonder, ”will I ever grow as tall as my dad?”
I hear the sound of splashing water.
I see my her.
I want to be big and strong.
I am a small and cute whale.
I pretend I am a big ,strong hero.
I feel weak.
I touch my mum.
I worry. I see a shark.
I cry my mum got bitten by a shark.
I am a small and cute whale.
I understand my mum and dad won`t be around for ever.
I say I will be alright.
I dream I had a mum and dad.
I try to stay strong.
I hope for the best.
I am a small and cute whale.


By Alana



The Tree – by Mia.


Adults crowd around the tree that once was alive

Kids used this as a second home

They remember the day

they climbed the tallest branch

Why, they wonder, did we ever love this tree?

But they still do.





I hear the basketball bounce on the ground

I see a my shot go in

I want to win


I pretend I am trashing the other team

I feel strong

I touch my player

I worry they are tall

I cry we lost


I understand you can’t always win

I say try and try and try again

I dream of being in the WNBL

I try to do what my coach tells me

I hope I will win my next game




Down the Rabbit Hole – by Mia

The rabbit hole

dark and damp

I tumble down.

Down down

bottles on a table I sip

‘I am too big,’ I cry

I sip another

I turn as tiny as a mouse

the tears have turned into an ocean

I find an empty bottle

and climb inside for the long ride.



Roses are black ,

Violets are black,

Everything is black,

I’m actually blind.


By Jin



Would you like to come with me?


Would you like to come with me,

on the road that never ends?

together we could learn lots

from its twist and bends.


would you like to come with me

to the forests and the bush?

together we can venture out,  muck about,

have fun – but don’t push.


Would you like to come with me

to the desert of dreams?

together we could fill our hearts with hopes

and imaginative themes


would you like to come with me

to the cities  and towns?

together  we could meet different people,

cats, dogs and frogs.


please come with me into world

so we can learn, venture out,

hope, and meet different people

if  you’d like to,

come give me a shout


for life is delicate as we know it

enjoy it while we can

would you like to come with me?

watch it fade away with me,

for the  purpose of  mankind.



The Little Key by Joy.


I have this little key

I don’t know where it came from

I don’t think it was meant for me

it came with a locked box


I have this little key

I don’t know what it’s for

Oh look it opens the box lets see,

It’s a…

…I really am in awe.




The Lion and the Tiger  by Tim W.


Once there was a tiger, with an eye of a hawk

It hunted it’s prey and strutted it’s walk

It crept its way through the jungle with speed and care

And roared through the trees for the animals to scare

It ran and ran to find its meat

And pounced on the warthog like it was a treat

A lion approached to battle the tiger

It grabbed a stick and flamed it on fire

The tiger ran away because it was scared of flames

The lion became king and won all the games.



Sleep over theme song – by Adair


If you love spaghetti raise those hands

raise those hands

raise those hands

If you love camels eat spaghetti

eat spaghetti

eat spaghetti

If you are happy

smile smile

smile smile

smile smile




The Curse of the Witch


Life is bad, but death is worse


When you’re under the witch’s curse.


Life is only dreadful pain,


but death would be the witch’s gain


Death would raise the witch’s power,


To curse the world from her tower.




My mind is spinning,


I know the witch is winning.


But I cannot stop, I cannot rest


I must defeat that little pest.


I cannot think, but I know one thing,


I cannot allow the witch to win.





He is the controller of shadows…

He bends the shadows

of all things,

but they are not just flickers of light.

He is the controller of shadows...

they are souls from another dark world,

souls exposed by fiery light.

He is the controller of souls…

he bends and twists the souls of all.

to unleash the dark within

He is the controller of souls…

hearts are broken,

minds are bended

bodies abandoned,

souls drifting endlessly.

He is the breaker of souls…

people running,

minds confused,

souls trying to resist

but the dark is too strong.

He is the killer of souls…

No escape, no smiles,

just pain and agony.

He is the spreader of pain…

In the end,

the world consumed,

no souls left,

just lifeless corpses

He the destroyer of life.


Josh – The Happy Writer



 Crying everywhere

Surrounded by goodbyes

The year went by so fast

I feel lonely

A new beginning coming soon

I feel cursed

Never seeing my friends again breaks my heart

When signing t-shirts is supposed to be fun

all I can think about is moving on


Daisy by Ruby K.


I have a dog named Daisy

She is very, very crazy

I fear people make fun of her

But I will await till that occurs

Other then that I love her so

Whether or not her reputation is low




Mystery, adventures

Friendships and communities

Creating and destroying miracles



By Annabelle F. 



War is a dark force

It smells like the smoke of a bomb filling the air

It tastes like moldy bread that has to last a week in rationing

It sounds like the shells leaving the chamber of the rifle, waiting to find its next victim

It feels like the cold corpses that litter the ground of the homes and battlefields

It lives in the deepest, darkest depths of Hell


By Gemma R. room 24


The Soldier


I am afraid and depressed

I wonder why I have to fight on the frontlines

I hear the cries of men dying

I see my baby girl blown to pieces

I want this war to end

I am afraid and depressed

I pretend that I will not die

I feel like the devil is taking my heart

I touch the rifle that will see a bullet fly

I worry that I will never see my family again

I cry because I have murdered others

I am afraid and depressed

I understand that this battle will never truly end

I say that God is looking over my soul

I dream of the reunion that will never come

I try unsuccessfully to save my friends lives

I hope that my life will return to normal

I am afraid and depressed


By Gemma R. Room 24



Wise Old Owl

by Sienna D.


Eyes are as dark as the midnight skies,

Claws are as sharp as hunting knives.

It streaks through the night, as fast as can be,

Camouflaged so the world can’t see.


Wise old thing, where are you now?

Hunting or feeding, intelligent owl?

While I am sleeping to a nursery rhyme,

You will be soaring, in a wink of time.


It’s boiling hot

My shoes are in a knot

I’m feeling bad

My parents are mad

School is in a hour

My breakfast is yuck and sour

I get to school in a mess

I have no t-shirts, so I’m in a dress

School is the same

I’m in the corner in shame

My life is getting from bad to worse

It’s like I’m in a curse

By Oscar K.




Sit down students

The crowd of students sit down

Hello everyone

Of course everyone answers back

Out of everyone here who enjoys school?

Lots of people put their hand up

Acrostic poem by Mitch S.




It is unbelievably cold

I am being majorly trolled

He is a man

With a black tan

He is really small

He is probably having a ball

I really wish he would stop

Before I do a pop

I forgot my shoes

Next I’m gonna lose

A bit of my shirt

And then it’s gonna hurt

By Mitch S.

Best Place on Earth by Adair


The jungle where chickens live

and a kitchen filled with ghosts

a pancake parlour made from sieves

a game-show, without hosts                                      

even though this isn’t an actual thing

and all though they are quite interesting

these places are made with imagination

you would not find them in our nation

but without your brain

you would go insane

that’s why the best place

Only you can find, inside