Portrait of Kimbra by Vincent Fantauzzo for Archibald 2012

The Bell: Why did you become a singer?

 Kimbra: Because it was a natural for me to express myself and made me feel happy. When I was given the opportunity to make it a career it was just too good to pass up.


The Bell: Is it an exciting job?

 Kimbra: Yes, it is an exciting job but it also comes with a lot of hard work and pressures – like all jobs! But the best thing about it is being able to travel the world and have a new experience every day.


The Bell: Is it hard to find a song that suits you?

 Kimbra: I write all my own songs so they all feel a part of me and who I am. It is hard to always find something to sing about so sometimes I just have to wait for inspiration!


The Bell: Do write your own songs?

 Kimbra: Yes. I often collaborate with other people as well to try and push myself as a songwriter and it’s fun to work with other people.


The Bell: How did you get to sing the female part in “Someone that I used to know”?

 Kimbra: I met Wally (Gotye) through a producer called Francois Tetaz who worked on both of our albums. We’d kept in touch a little bit over the last two years but it wasn’t until he called and asked me to sing on the song that we properly got to hang out again!


 The Bell: Can you tell us please what’s involved in making a music video?

 Kimbra: A lot! The main roles are the director who collaborates with the artist to develop a strong concept and storyline of the video, then the producer gets involved and works out the practicalities of the idea and how much it is all going to cost. Then you need a cinematographer who is going to operate the cameras and the lighting, and last of all you need extras or dancers, and makeup artists who all come together as a team to create an amazing video!

The Bell: Do you sing in a music video?

 Kimbra: Yes, I have 3 of my own music videos and of course the one I did with Gotye.


The Bell: How long does it take to record a song?

 Kimbra: It can take a couple of days or it can take a couple of years – ha! It all depends on what you are trying to achieve and who you are going to have involved. I generally like to take my time on writing songs but some other artists may like to work very fast.


 The Bell: Who is your favourite artist you have worked with?

 Kimbra: I have really enjoyed working with Gotye and also with the R&B singer John Legend from America who I recently wrote a song with!


The Bell: How long are you planning to be a singer for?

 Kimbra: As long as I can sing!


 The Bell: How old were you when you started singing?

 Kimbra: I feel as though I have been singing all my life, I first sung in public when I was about six in a musical called South Pacific!


Bell interviewer: Annika