We’re here!” Mum exclaimed. She parked the car next to a very pretty light blue summerhouse, with little bits of sand lightly spread throughout the lawn. “The beach is only a five minute walk from here Jamie, so why don’t you get some fresh air while dad and I unpack.”

Jamie smiled. She liked to go on adventures, especially ones where she didn’t really know what to expect. The walk was like an adventure on its own; there were big sand dunes and lots of different types of trees and shrubs. By the time Jamie had reached the beach she felt that she had just seen about all of the adventures in Bronson’s Bay. The beach was perfect, just perfect, Jamie thought, as she entered through the opening of the trees. The waves were just right for boogie boarding and the sand was as soft as marshmallows under her feet. Just as Jamie was going to go for a little walk to see more of the beach, she noticed a little figure in the distance staring at her, just watching her.

Jamie froze. She saw the little figure moving closer until Jamie could just make out a boy about her age with short, black spikey hair and a huge grin. “Hello my name is Jim, are you here for a holiday?” he yelled. As he moved closer, Jamie thought for a moment, her parents have always told her not to talk to strangers, but when you don’t know anyone and you have moved to a new town, it was hard not to.  She was sure her parents wouldn’t mind.

“Hi, I’m Jamie, I have just arrived here and I now live in the light blue house about a five minute walk from here,” Jamie replied. After chatting with Jim for a while, Jamie had the idea that they both should go for a swim in the vast, blue, wavy ocean. The water was cool and salty even though, Jamie was still in her clothes. They played for hours until Jamie decided that she wanted to go over to the calmer side of the beach. There were stacks of rocks and even a little cave. Although, Jim seemed very unsure about the idea, and it seemed to Jamie he had something he needed to tell her. But what could possibly be wrong over on the other side of the beach?

Jim shivered at the fact that they were going over to the rocky side of the beach. He had heard so many scary stories about that area since he had arrived at Bronson’s Bay. Jim took a deep breath in as he started planning on what he should say as he definitely did not want Jamie to go over there. “Um, Jim what’s wrong I-I-I just wanted to go on an adventure,” exclaimed Jamie, nervously.

“Well I need to tell you something.” Jim sighed before speaking again, but this time more slowly. “The other side of the beach is very dangerous, you must understand. What happened was a little, five-year-old girl was playing in the rocks. They never found her again. It was like she vanished. People believe her ghost is in that cave and if you go over to the rocks she will haunt you.” Jamie shivered and realised that it was quite late; her parents would be very worried. Jamie thanked Jim and walked home thinking about what Jim had told her. One thing that Jamie knew for sure was that tomorrow’s adventure would be the biggest adventure Jamie had ever done.

The next morning Jamie got up early, ate her breakfast and then headed towards the beach. The beach was rough but the sand was still very soft. As Jamie walked, she wondered what would happen if Jim saw her, what would she do? Lie? But Jamie was not a good liar and she would probably hide over in a bush or a shrub. Jamie arrived at the rocks and took a deep breath in nervously, brushed her brown fringe out of her eyes and headed towards the cave.

Inside of the cave it was damp and seemed very small. Jamie’s imagination was going wild and she kept on seeing things that were not really there. Jamie searched through the whole cave but found no evidence of a ghost at all. She checked the cave once more but still saw nothing. Perhaps, the ghost was sleeping thought Jamie as she realised that it was time to head home. As she walked up to the driveway of her house she realised that she must show Jim that the ghost was a fake, a myth.

“Jim, Jim,” Jamie yelled, as she walked around the beach frantically searching for her new friend. After Jamie had searched for over three hours she had finally found Jim and she knew she had to hurry as it was getting quite late. “Jim, the-the cave is a myth, a big myth,” Jamie panted.

“WHAT, you went over there?” Are you sure you saw nothing?”

“Yes Jim I saw nothing, follow me, NOW!” Jamie knew she had to yell, or else Jim would not come. Again inside of the cave it was damp, although this time Jamie felt much more safe with Jim. Jamie and Jim searched the cave till they absolutely knew nothing was inside of it. Just as they walked out to the entrance of the cave, Jamie turned around to check no one was following them, but just as she turned around she saw the flicker of a ghost staring at them with a cheeky, smiley grin!