27 of December 1962 

People may think that I am crazy for sharing this with the world but it’s all true…   I have been keeping this to myself for twenty years now and I am ready to tell the whole story. Most people will think that I am an eccentric, lunatic, but I know I’m not. I know it’s true…

12th of September 1940

Today was boring, as usual. I went to school and did maths and writing. I struggle with maths. I don’t know why I can’t do it. After school, Jade (my best friend) and I walked home. Once we arrived home we got into a lot of trouble because we chased Mrs. Harris’s cat through the town streets. When Mrs. Harris caught us chasing her cat she marched us right up to Ma. Mrs. Harris told Ma the whole story, which wasn’t necessary because we were only trying to get her cat back to Mrs. Harris herself.  She should have been thankful! Ma was disgraced with our actions. After that she sent me to my room and then she walked Jade back to her house, telling her Ma as well. I’m still in my room now, sitting on my bed, writing in my diary. It has suddenly gone very dark outside so it must be late and Ma has turned out my light now, which means it’s bedtime.

P.S My name is Elizabeth Jane Lox and I live in England. 

17th of September 1940 

Finally something happened today. At school Jade and I got into a fight about the war. Her Pa had already been killed in the war and my Pa has just been sent off to it. ”Your Pa will be gone just like mine soon,” she kept saying. Eventually I shouted at her saying that my Pa was strong and would survive.  I shouldn’t have done that. She was only sad and trying to warn me. The rest of the day we didn’t talk to each other, so I walked home by myself. On the way home something red caught my eye. Something I had never seen before. Curious, I walked towards it. What was it?

Suddenly, there was an outbreak of bombs and firing guns. Frightened by the sound, I ran for my life, only to find myself standing outside a wooden, rotten, old door in a hillside that I had never seen before. There was a sign hanging on the door with big, bold writing: DANGER! DO NOT ENTER!

As I was reading the sign, making sure that I got all the words right, there was another outbreak of gunfire and exploding bombs. I didn’t even think. I crashed through the door with an amazing smack and fell onto the ground. Sitting up, I brushed the dirt off me. I almost cried when I saw I had torn my best dress. The light was so dim I could only make out a short distance away. Above me, electrical wires hung from the roof and water dripped from the ceiling.  A spark flashed and lit up the room, scaring me out of my skin. 

The banging outside was dying down, but I stayed in the room until the noise was gone. Of course I wanted to know more, so I decided that Ma wouldn’t mind if I was late home. I heard the door shut behind me as I struggled up. I also heard a strange munching sound, not a human-like munching sound though. I crept forward towards the sound. I stepped on something. SNAP. The sound of the breaking twig echoed through the room. There was a sudden pounding of feet running across the unstable floor. It was more like a bouncing sound. It was coming closer and closer. Then, sitting at my feet, there was a rabbit! I had no idea how long it had been there for. But it mustn’t have been there for too long because it had blood dripping down its back. The poor thing – it was terrified by the noise of the war.

I picked it up. Holding the rabbit close to me, I scrambled through the torn furniture; everything was so dry and old. Right at the back of the room, I found blood dripping off broken glass. I think that’s what the rabbit cut itself on. After that, I went home, I decided to take the rabbit home with me. At first Ma wasn’t keen on the idea of keeping him, but after a while I persuaded her to keep him and he’s now all mine. I am still thinking of a name for him:

Harry, William, Ben, Fluffy, Snowy, Puff, Bouncer or Jupiter – they’re my final eight. I am going to decide once I get to now his personality.


I called him Ben in the end, and he was my best friend. Sadly, he died ten years later but he’s still with me in a little box (his ashes are in there.) And that was the story of The Rabbit That Survived.