Dear diary,

I wish I had a normal family. They all think I am not even here. I mean, I come home from school and say ‘hi’ to my family but get no response.  It is so annoying. Most of the time I don’t even see them. I mean, we don’t even eat at our new dinner table we bought for a lot of money. We just go sit on the couch, or everyone goes to their own rooms. Luckily, I have my best friend, Rachel.  She is awesome.  We do everything together. My parents let me go anywhere I want. It’s like they don’t even care what I do. With most parents you have to nag and beg. I wish I could do that, because everyone says they have to do that. I just say, ‘Oh, my parents said yes,’ and they sit there with their mouths open.



OMG. Today I got in heaps of trouble at school. I got detention for three weeks. On Saturdays.  My parents got a letter about it and I’m grounded. But they never care; this is totally weird.  They said, ‘Nikki, you’re so grounded for three weeks’.  I tried to argue, but that made it worse. Now I’m grounded for four weeks. It’s not fair.  My brothers and sisters get in trouble all the time at school. They never get grounded.

Today Rachel called and asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her. I asked my parents and this time it was a big fat ‘NO’.  I don’t understand. They always say yes, but they said it was because I’m grounded. I don’t think grounding has anything to do with it. I hardly know what grounded means. My little brother said I can’t go on the ground. My little sister said I can’t eat for four weeks. My big brother said you’re just in big trouble and my big sister said you have to do homework. I don’t believe any of them because they haven’t been grounded. I’m so upset with my family.

Four weeks later, my parents took my diary off me for the four weeks I was grounded. I was like, ‘Umm, that has nothing to do with me yelling at my teacher and getting in trouble. My diary didn’t tell me to do it’.

I’m finally allowed to do something with Rachel. We went to see the Rhiannon concert together. It was so fun. Then we went out shopping. When we were talking, she told me her grandpa passed away.  I was so sad for her.  She was crying and I had no idea what to do. All I was doing was saying, ‘It’s ok. It happens; what can you do?’  I think it made it worse because she just kept sobbing and sobbing. I felt so bad, but I had no idea what to do. What do you do? I was so desperate I said she could sleep over, but then I thought of all the sobbing. I tried to say no, but she just kept going urrr urrr. I knew I had to be a good best friend and allow her to sleep over.

When we walked in the door my grandpa was there. It made things worse. I seriously had no idea what to do. OMG. I actually looked up on my phone what to do. I typed, When best friend sad?  It came up with something brilliant. All I had to do was talk about girl stuff. So we went up to my room and instead we did some pampa stuff. I swear my parents didn’t even know she was here. They walked into my room and just said, ‘How was school, Nikki?’ I said, ‘Hey, look Rachel is here too’.

They just left the room. I wanted to kill them. Grrrr, it made me sooo angry. For like the first time ever, we sat and ate at the dinner table. I just wondered, ‘WHY TONIGHT?’

I was in bad luck today, but one thing was good. Grandpa wasn’t at the table. He had left. Good. It wasn’t going good. It was so awkward. No one was talking, but it was kind of fun because we were all laughing. In the end, I was with someone I loved.  I was having lots of fun. But then I realized the only person that wasn’t having fun was Rachel. I went up to her and asked her, ‘What’s wrong?’  She said, “I just feel like the odd one out’. ‘Why do you feel that way?’ I asked. She had such a sad face, with really watery eyes like she was going to cry.

I felt really bad because I invited her over when my granddad was staying with us, and her granddad was dead. I felt so bad.  When I opened my mouth to talk she balled her eyes out. She said, ‘I’m so sorry’. I thought, ‘Shouldn’t I be the one saying sorry?’ Maybe she has done something to me or my family or my pets?  But then the words that I never wanted to ever hear came out of her mouth. I paused, and I felt my face turn as red as a tomato. I had tears in my eyes. Did she really she is moving? I felt soo sad. I stood there and said nothing at all, just looking at the ground. She thought I was ignoring her, but I wasn’t. I was just really sad. I asked, ‘Why are you moving?’  She was so shocked she couldn’t speak. Then she whispered, almost like she was talking to herself, ‘It’s because my mum needs to have surgery on her leg, and also my dad just got fired. He was looking at jobs.  We’re moving because he found one’.

And then I thought to myself, ‘Hey, where is she moving to?’ So I asked her. ‘Oh, right, we’re moving to Sydney’.

I was so upset. Moving to Templestowe was far enough, but, no, she’s moving to Sydney. I mean, I can’t even see her. It sucks.

Six months later…

Dear diary, I go on the train everyday after school to go meet Rachel in Carlton. I’m happy about that. She tells me what is happening at her school, and what is happening with her family.

In the end, my family and me now eat at our new table and no longer ignore people. So, in the end, I love my family.  I wouldn’t change one thing about them. We are all normal.





THE END! ! !